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A new life for The Mayoka School

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Near the shores of Lake Manyara (Northern Tanzania) is the Mayoka villag. Its population is about 7,000 people. The local people (Maasai) live in houses made of mud, straw and wood.

There isn't any public infrastructure, except for the primary school and clinic, which are support by the Africa Foundation. In Mayoka, everyday life happens in a different way. There is no electricity and water supply in the village. During the day, the adult residents leave the village, as their day begins at dawn when they set off on a long and uncertain journey in search of food (hunting/fishing) and water for their children and the elderly. When the parents are absent, the oldest child in the family (usually aged between 9-12 years) takes care of his siblings. The baboons are the biggest danger for children, as they move in herds and represent a real threat to the lives of the young children.

The local school was established in 1973 and provides education to children up to 7th grade. The school building dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the area was part of the colony of German East Africa. Originally built as a storage facility for elephant tusks, the base has not been renovated since its construction, has no doors or windows, and a large part of the roof is missing, preventing classes from being held during the rainy season. The building is filled with the smell of decaying flesh from the elephant tusks that had been stored there for years. Apart from the dire condition of the school premises, there is another problem related to the large number of students and the limited capacity in terms of material base and teachers.

The school before the renovation

During their trip to Africa and a visit to the Mayoka village, Alexandra and Vassil Mirtchevi witnessed the challenges and difficulties which the Mayoka residents face on a daily basis. Deeply moved by what they saw and in an effort to help provide better access to education, they donated funds to repair the school base.

Thanks to the support provided by VM Finance Group, Africa Foundation is carrying out a complete renovation of the building. As a result, the school acquired three completely renovated rooms, in which 173 children, divided into 3 classes, can study. In addition to the classrooms, the roof, windows, doors, and the area around the building are also being repaired and secured. After the renovation work has been completed now each class has its own classroom, which gives them the opportunity to have more lessons, get better preparation for exams and the capacity to enroll children from neighboring communities.

The school after the renovation

In a thank-you letter to VM Finance Group, Niall Anderson, Regional Director for East Africa at andBeoynd, shared:

"We are extremely grateful for your generous donation! With your actions, you have changed the lives of children, teachers and the community in the area!"

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Anderson's letter of thanks:

"Once again – ourselves along with the school are extremely grateful for your generous donation, it has been a great help to the school and the kids, in having a properly working classroom to teach and learn in."

Yours truly,

Niall Anderson

Niall Anderson | Regional Director - East Africa | &BEYOND

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