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Why should I choose VM Finance Group?

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Employees are our most valuable investment and that is why we take care of their happiness and professional development.

Personal story

Zhelyazko Ivanov
Marketing Manager, Beverage Division, Delion

Success stories

I have been with the company for 11 years, no joke I joined the Delion team on April 1st 2011. It is extremely easy for me to know exactly how many years I have been with the company as my son was born a month before I took the new challenge.

My career development during these years has exposed me to various roles within the organization, starting with the position of National Key Account Manager. In this position I managed a team of 35 people. I was responsible for the presentation of brands distributed by Delion in all international and national chains.


I chose VM Finance Group

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The company gives me opportunities to develop my professional qualities and skills.

Nikola Traykov
Market Development Specialist, Avendi
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I have the support to be a successful leader and to develop myself.

Boryana Tosheva
Academic Manager, ABC Children's Center
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The warehouse is equipped with modern instalations and we have great conditions for breaks.

Dimitar Sarafski
Picker, Movio Logistics
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I wouldn't change my job at Movio for any other.

Ivaylo Gusev
Driver, Movio Logistics
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For me, Delion is a family that I have been extremely lucky to be a part of for more than 10 years.

Petya Totlyakova
Brand Manager, Delion
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VM Finance Group is a place in which we are all united by common values.

Nedelina Apostolova
Business partner HR, VM Finance Group