Употребяваме бисквитки, за да разберем как използвате нашия уебсайт и да подобрим ефективността му. Оставайки на този уебсайт, Вие се съгласявате с нашата Политика за бисквитки.

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Cookie policy

Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small amount of information that a web server sends to a web browser, allowing the server to collect feedback from the browser. The user can choose to delete cookies through the options of each browser. The cookies used by the Administrator are those related to the functionality of the site, the effectiveness of the site and those that allow users' preferences to be remembered. More information about cookies can be found at:



What are web beacons?

Web beacons are files that allow a website to collect information about the number of users who have visited it and access their cookies. Cookies make it possible to recognize the User's device and adapt the content of the site to his preferences. More information about web beacons can be found at: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/faqs/beacons.html


What types of cookies does the site use?

Basically, our cookies perform two different functions:

a. Performance and Functionality cookies - third-party cookies (Performance and Functionality cookies)

These cookies are used for other important functions, such as:

·       to recognize you when you return to our website or use our services;

·       to remember your user preferences;

·       to collect information about how visitors use our site so that we can keep it in the best and most useful form;

·       for other auxiliary functions.

If you delete these cookies, our platform will have very limited functionality and will not be able to function correctly and provide you with a good quality of service.

These cookies are used only after giving your consent for this. You can withdraw your consent at any time, and the withdrawal will not affect the lawful processing of the data up to that point.


b. Third-party cookies for the purpose of counting traffic

We use several external services that may also create cookies on your browser. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. The information in them is anonymized. The purpose of these external services is to anonymously count statistical information about visits to our site so that we can monitor the effectiveness of our services and improve them. These external census services are:

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Facebook Pixel


Third-party cookies for advertising purposes

We use several external services - advertising networks, which may also create cookies in your browser. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. The purpose of these external services is to provide opportunities to carry out advertising campaigns. They may use cookies to identify and personalize ads to our platform on external sites and services. Such external advertising platforms are:

Google AdWords

Facebook Ads


Third-party cookies – for functionality

Some cookies also occur in connection with third-party tools that we have integrated into our platform. For example, Google API ("View on map", etc.) which may create cookies in order to function. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. From our side, we cannot provide a technical possibility to ban them. Therefore, if you do not wish them to occur, you should not use the external tools listed above integrated into our platform.


Do we have third-party cookies?

We use or allow third parties to use on our site cookies that fall into the three categories mentioned above.

We may use third-party cookies to help us with market research, improve functionality and monitor compliance with our terms and conditions.


Why are cookies important?

Cookies help the use of the site, the preparation of a certain model of user preferences and interests. Disagreeing or disabling cookies may therefore cause the site to not function properly.


Does the site use cookies that contain personal data?

By themselves, cookies do not require information of a personal nature in order to be used and most often do not identify the identity of Internet users. The site's cookies only collect an IP address, which is used for location statistics and security against hacker attacks. These IP addresses are encrypted in a way that prevents unauthorized persons from accessing them. The cookies used by the site do not contain any other data that could identify a user.


How to disable cookies?

All modern browsers allow you to change cookies settings. You can usually find these settings in your browser's "options" or "preferences" menu. To be aware of these settings, the following links may help you, or you can use the "Help" button from your browser's menus for more details:


Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

Cookie settings in Firefox

Cookie settings in Chrome

Cookie settings in Safari web and iOS


In the event that the User has disabled cookies from the site, the Provider does not guarantee the proper functioning of the site.

Rejecting cookies will delete all cookies from the site and may remove some buttons and functionality on the site. By attempting to log in to the site, you accept the use of session cookies. By pressing the "Accept" button, you agree to the use of all cookies by the site; including those which may collect personal data for the purposes specified in this policy and general conditions. You can accept cookies at any time from this page.