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29.09.2011 JOHNNIE WALKER® Inspire Bulgarians to walk for three innovative ideas

Today, Johnnie Walker launches the Keep Walking Project - a new campaign that encourages the people of Bulgaria to show their support for a series of pioneering initiatives that present some of the ways we could embrace new thinking to make a positive impact on the world we live in.Fully conceived and curated by Johnnie Walker, the Keep Walking Project gives further expression to the brand’s passionate belief in the power of progressive ideas such as those which enabled three generations of the Walker family to grow a small grocery store founded in 1820 into the world’s number one Blended Scotch Whisky brand.

According to a survey, conducted this summer, 62% of the people in Bulgaria think that the experience they have gained in the implementation of a project is more important than the project results. Simultaneously, 88% of the people believe that, by combining our efforts, we can achieve more. Based on these two statements outlining the change in the modern conception of success, the Keep Walking project will provoke Bulgarians to choose one of three initiatives that will be implemented in spring 2012.

Because of its bold and innovative ideas in his work, which has gained him recognition both in Bulgaria and abroad, ambassador of Keep Walking project will be movie director Yavor Gyrdev. He is the first Bulgarian chosen to participate in a Johnnie Walker’s campaign and to motivate people to be a part of it by giving personal example.

Keep Walking project will give new meaning to the daily walking by making it an expression of personal contribution to the implementation of innovative initiatives. Therefore, it provokes people to walk and donate their steps for innovative ideas that they want to be implemented in Bulgaria. There are two ways of doing that - through a specially designed free apps for iPhone and Facebook, which can be found on  iPhone counts and collects each physical step that was taken using a built-in accelerometer, while virtual steps in Facebook are counted through a series of fun tasks. In these two ways people can support one of the following initiatives until November, 3th.

Pavegen: Power creation using only your footsteps
With Pavegen’s pioneering paving slab, the energy from our everyday walking can be harnessed to generate renewable electricity. The aim of the project is to inspire people about the role they can play in alternative energy solutions in their city.

Ze Frank: Giving your city a voice
The author of this art project is the American Ze Frank. He will use the submissions of individuals - their statements on a provocative issue and combine them to create an inspiring piece that is testament to the collective vision and voice of society.

Hub Culture: Encourage and enable enterprise
The aim of the project is to inspire people to take a step towards making their business ideas a reality. Hub Culture will encourage entrepreneurship in Sofia by opening a pop-up space where people can develop their business ideas through one-on-one advice sessions or a series of talks led by inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.

“For me being a part of the Keep Walking project is a real challenge. I was impressed by each of the three ideas and I hope more people will walk together to inspire, motivate and spark new thinking about what we can achieve by working together” – says Yavor Gyrdev. 

The Keep Walking Project will also be launched in : Brazil, Greece, Lebanon, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam. All the successful projects will be unveiled in spring 2012 as part of a global celebration of what can be achieved when we work together.