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17.03.2012 For the first time in the world Johnnie Walker presented in Bulgaria the innovative technology Pavegen

For less than 2 weeks walking on it, bulgarian produced over 1200KW of electricity

Over 200,000 steps made Bulgarians on plates of innovative technology Pavegen, which Johnnie Walker presented for the first time as a closing to the Keep Walking project in Sofia. Installation of tiles that converts kinetic energy from the footsteps of the people in power was opened on March 5 in front of National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" by the Ambassador of Keep Walking project for Bulgaria movie director Yavor Gurdev and Minister of Economy and Energy Traicho Traikov. Each step on the installation of tiles Pavegen generates 6W power. So in less than two weeks Bulgarians produced over 1200KW of electricity that would be enough to power a light bulb for 61,135 hours, or almost 7 years.

Pavegen was the choice of Bulgarians among the three proposals of the Keep Walking project. With more than 40 million steps collected in Facebook through specially developed application for iPhone, Bulgarians identified which project Johnnie Walker will implement there. A curious fact is that in all European countries where the project was launched, everywhere people have selected innovative technology Pavegen.

Pavegen is a system of tiles that, placed on the pavement of busy pedestrian areas, turn people’s steps into an inexhaustible source of electricity. The invention is made by 25-year-old Englishman Lawrence Campbell-Cook, who developed his prototype while still studying at university. 100% of the tile surface is made of recycled rubber and the base - over 80% recycled materials. Technology Pavegen won many awards and was nominated for "Product of the Year" in Britain, along with inventions such as iPad from Apple.