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24.06.2015 Avendi joined the 5th birthday celebration of “Malkata kyshta”

“Malkata kyshta” is the first institution from its kind in Bulgaria and has just turned 5 years from its start. On 21st June 2010 the foundation “Nadezhda za malkite” established the first family type center for under 6 year old children without parental care. “Malkata kyshta” has given shelter to 65 children for the last years and 52 of them have already found a family.

For a second year in a roll “Malkata kyshta” receives donation from Avendi – baby food from the distributor HiPP. The quantity covers the monthly need for healthy nutrition for the babies living in the center. The celebration was more colorful and joyful thanks to the decoration and gifts for the children provided by Avendi.