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01.03.2011 After the Green circle “Manager” took another eco step

After the success of the green number of "Manager" in February, the editors of the business magazine decided to start printing it entirely on recycled paper. This way with each number 94 trees will be saved from felling.

Using recycled paper, "Manager" shows that it is socially responsible - not only an advocate, but also a practitioner and investor in the green cause – one of the main causes of the magazine.

In June 2010,  "Manager" in cooperation with Globul created a green circle of bulgarian companies. So far it unites more than 70 companies, including "Post Bank", "Shell-Bulgaria", "Roca-Bulgaria", "Reno", "ECOPACK", "Henkel-Bulgaria" and others.

Among its founders is also "VM Finance Group". This is the first formal green movement of bulgarian business with great potential for development. Its main idea is that the more green companies there are in Bulgaria, the greener Bulgaria will be.

The green idea is of great importance not only for the magazine, but also for VM Finance Group.  Printing of the magazine on recycled paper demonstrates once again Group’s commitment to green policies.