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24.10.2007 AVENDI donated HiPP products to the “SOS Kinderdorf in Bulgaria”

In the beginning of October, the Food Division of company AVENDI donated HiPP products to the association “SOS Kinderdorf in Bulgaria”. The donation is amounting to BGN 6,000 and includes hypoallergenic infant formula milk, instant milk and fruit pap, and fruit tea. Mr. Alexander Nikolov from Fundraising Department of SOS Kinderdorf acknowledged the donation. The products are destined to meet the babies’ needs in SOS villages in Tryavna and Dren.

“We truly believe that regarding AVENDI we have found a strong supporter to SOS-idea and a true friend to the present and future, infant and youth inhabitants of our villages and homes in Bulgaria”, gratefully commented Mr. Plamen Stoyanov, National Director of association SOS Kinderdorf.