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16.03.2011 ABC Kinder Care center and Ecopak united for Greener future of the Earth

The organization for packaging recovery "Ecopack Bulgaria" donated four containers for separate collection of garbage to "ABC Kinder Care Center." The initiative is part of ABC’s ecological programme "Green Future for the Earth." "ECOPACK" give and 6 bins, made from environmentally friendly materials in the form of a dolphin, a frog and a bear in the yard of the kindergarten to educate children in a responsible attitude to the environment.
"ABC Children's Center" is the first nursery school, which "ECOPACK" launched its initiative it. Children from "ABC Children's Center" are taught to separate and recycle of waste since early age. Parents are also involved in the idea – they bring in the center packages, magazines, boxes, cartons, etc. and little fingers of children transform them into beautiful artistic pieces. Guests of the event were Mr. Todor Burgudzhiev, executive director of "ECOPACK" and Mr. Ivo Petrov, CEO and Member of the Board of directors of VM Finance Group.