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Board of Directors
Board of Directors is a collective body which manages the subsidiaries of of VM Finance Group.
Members of the Board of Directors performs management and control activity based on the principles of good corporate governance for the realization of strategic objectives and priorities of the Group in accordance with established mission, vision and values.

To assist the implementation of the core activities of VM Finance Group, Board of Directors has create Committees.

In accordance with the object of their activities each committee monitor compliance with applicable legal and regulatory framework, and implementation and updating of the established internal policies, procedures and practices. Simultaneously, the committees are intended to assist the Board of Directors in making strategic decisions important for the subsidiaries.

General Managers of the VM Finance Group companies
The General Managers of VM Finance Groups subsidiaries are responsible to make the overall organization and management of the company, interacting with the heads of all departments, and the entire team of employees of the company. Together with the senior management of the Group, they work for a common corporate culture, engaging employees and achieving developed business strategies. Their task is to unite all employees around the general organizational culture, sharing the same values and philosophy of management under the parent company.

Central Office of VM Finance Group
The head office of VM Finance Group provides services to companies in the fields- human resources management, legal service and tax consultancy, finance, information technology and business development.

The head office of VM Finance Group controls and assists the companies. It is responsible for implementation of standard policies and good management practices.

An important advantage is the achievement of synergy between the companies forming part of the strategic decision for the future development of the Group, improving competitiveness and potential  realization of the long term objectives.