About Us | Corporate responsibility

Our team is lead by the Code of Conduct of the Group, including the most important principles, that allow us to legally solve ethical dilemmas, to maintain a stable business conduct, socially responsible business with sustainable development and a culture of mutual trust.

We strive to be familiar with current areas of the social and economic life of our country that need improvement. Our employees believe that every volunteer hour or money allocated to a social cause, are an invaluable investment in the future of our country.

VM Finance Group is a member of the Board of directors of ECOPAK, an organization for packaging recovery, licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Waters. ECOPAK is a non-profit company and its activities are financed by the clients' installments.

You can download the Code of Conduct in Bulgarian here.


CSR initiatives:


  • Avendi joined the 5th birthday celebration of "Malkata kyshta" Read more


  • 124 young people won a scholarship from the program "Ready for success" Read more


  • Historical memory project started in Sofia with donation by Avendi Read more


  • VM Finance Group took part in the fundraising campaign "Home First Aid Kit" Read more


  • NET IS SAT and MIT Press took part in a charity marathon Read more


  • MIT Press participated in the initiative "Let’s clean Bulgaria for one day" for the 3rd time Read more


  • Balkan Beverages Company rejoiced children from a kindergarten with 50 years of history  Read more


  • Editor of "Manager" was awarded in the Johnnie Walker contest for innovative idea  Read more


  • "AVENDI" donates 22,000 lv. for establishing a historical memory of 50 streets in Sofia  Read more


  • Back to school with Manager and Objects  Read more


  • Children of  "Slavia"  won the hockey tournament for "Florina" cup. Read more


  • Avendi and Florina rejoiced children for the International children’s day Read more


  • For the first time in the world Johnnie Walker presented in Bulgaria the innovative technology Pavegen. Read more


  • Johnnie Walker initiated the Keep Walking project, that encourages the people of Bulgaria to show their support for three innovative ideas. Read more


  • Avendi and Ateam rejoiced children in St.Troica park in Sofia.  Read more


  • AVENDI donated HiPP products to the “SOS Kinderdorf in Bulgaria”.  Read more


  • Manager and VM Finance Group initiated Green circle of bulgarian companies, which are responsible for nature and environment preservation.  Read more


  • Manager is now printed only on recycled paper.  Read more


  • ABC Kinder Care center and Ecopak united for Greener future of the Earth.  Read more


  • Donation by Vassil and Alexandra Mirtchevi for surgeries of distressed children to Tokuda hospital Sofia – 2008


  • Burgas hospital received last generation life-saving transport incubator for newborns at risk by Mr Vassil Mirtchev - 2007